How can I install jitsi-meet-tokens silently?

Hello and greetings.

I’m wondering if someone can help me installing jitsi-meet-token package silently without user interaction please, I mean, without entering Application ID and Application Secret but passing throught the console before ejecuting apt install.

I already know how to install jitsi-meet (silently) an jitsi-meet-token (with user interaction) and I have all the video conference system working perfect on Debian 10 but I’m building a big script to install all without user interaction on a fresh Debian 10 installation.

For example, to install jitsi-meet package I’ve done these steps:

echo “jitsi-videobridge jitsi-videobridge/jvb-hostname string MY_DOMAIN” | debconf-set-selections &&
echo “jitsi-meet-web-config jitsi-meet/cert-choice select ‘Generate a new self-signed certificate (You will later get a chance to obtain a Let’s encrypt certificate)’” | debconf-set-selections &&
apt-get --option=Dpkg::Options::=–force-confold --option=Dpkg::options::=–force-unsafe-io --assume-yes --quiet install jitsi-meet

That works OK.

To install jitsi-meet-tokens I got this but obviously does not work because it’s wrong:

echo “jitsi-meet-tokens jitsi-meet-tokens/application_id string MY_APP_ID” | debconf-set-selections &&
echo “jitsi-meet-tokens jitsi-meet-tokens/application_secret string MY_APP_SECRET” | debconf-set-selections &&
apt-get --option=Dpkg::Options::=–force-confold --option=Dpkg::options::=–force-unsafe-io --assume-yes --quiet install jitsi-meet-tokens -y &&

Please help!


hi, I’ve the same issue, you can try with debconf-set-selections :

jitsi-meet-tokens jitsi-meet-tokens/appid string MY_APP_ID
jitsi-meet-tokens jitsi-meet-tokens/appsecret string MY_APP_SECRET

I got the attribute’s name (appid, appsecret ) from

Thank you very much, It works!!!