How can I get a Join Meeting Link?

Hi there,
I just wanted to know that; is there a way of getting a meeting’s join link via the API or something.
I’m only aware of one method of getting a join link which is the Invite Participants button after the meeting is created and running.

Here’s my scenario.
So, I have an interface which will show an active meeting currently live and running. Now on those meetings display there, There is a button to each of them named JOIN MEETING.

What I want to do now is to attach a meeting’s join link to that button so that when the user clicks the JOIN MEETING button they are taken to the meeting and auto join with their user’s details which were authenticated by the system when they logged in.

Is there a way of getting an Invite Link via code which I can then attach to that button???

Are you using JWT for authentication?


In that case you can put the user information in the generated JWT and attach that to the meeting by using the jwt query parameter in the URL: https://domain.tls/meeting?jwt-TOKEN

Oh, Okay thank you!
I will try that later in the evening and let you know how it goes.

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