How can i force a room to close?

Hi @damencho , in case I have jitsi meet (with the lobby room active), how can I force the closing of a room that has remained open, in order to be able to reuse its name?

Obviously I can’t afford to restart prosody to avoid a disservice.

Thanks so much

When everyone leaves the room will be destroyed. You can kick everyone and leave it yourself and it will be cleaned.
There is no other option at the moment.

In reality the situation is more complex and does not allow me to do what you say.

In addition to the Lobby room, we have created a single moderator authentication system.
an authenticated customer has remained in his room as a moderator, with the lobby room active, but he no longer remembers which browser or which computer he accessed.

Now he can’t identify the pc and therefore the browser, and he asked us to force the closure of his room, otherwise every time he tries to log in, he waits for the moderator’s acceptance …

We have currently only found this way:

  1. via prosody telnet, a password is added to the room in question
  2. From the browser you enter the room (with another user) and give moderator rights to this user.
  3. This user having obtained moderator rights kicks everyone out, closing the room.

So I was wondering if there was a more linear method to automate, but from your answer I understand that there are no options.

OK thanks anyway

Well you can also destroy the room from admin_telnet …

Ok I’ll give it a try tomorrow, thanks!