How can I extract Jibri Session ID in Jitsi

How to Extract Jibri Session ID ? I have integrated Jibri along with Jitsi and video/audio recording is working fine. But recording files( meetingname_timestamp.mp4 ) are by default storing under folder name of Jibri session ID. In below log(Jicofo.log), My jirbi session ID = rtxcucvtwynfjmsi hence My recordings are storing under the folder rtxcucvtwynfjmsi .

I found this way:

const { focusMucJid } =
const jibriRecordingStatus =[focusMucJid]
  .find(params => params.tagName === 'jibri-recording-status')
const { session_id, status } = jibriRecordingStatus.attributes

you can use script to move your recording to any destination even to s3 bucket. RECORDINGS_DIR=$1 this variable contains the path to rtxcucvtwynfjmsi directory.