How can I enable / add Sentry SDK in Jitsi meet app?

Hi, I noticed there is commit in docker-jitsi-meet for support Sentry log.

# Sentry Error Tracking
# Sentry Data Source Name (Endpoint for Sentry project)
# Example: https://public:private@host:port/1

# Optional environment info to filter events

# Optional release info to filter events

How can I enable it? does it need to configure in jicofo/docker jitsi?
If I want to monitor jitsi meet frontend client errors, where the SDK should be added?
Thank you.

I’ve added code in jitsi meet frontend.
I just need to add Sentry SDK in package.json and use (initialize) it in index.web.js.

hi. Can anyone please confirm, the above initialization is alright for capturing Jitsi meet web browser errors in Sentry?