How can i edit this?

How can i edit this?


thank you!
But i have already changed that and it still shows Jitsi Meet.

You need to change that in app.bundle.min.js:


Hello Freddie, app.bundle.min.js has many characters and it is not really clear to me.
I tried CTRL + F but there are many “jitsi”.

Can you tell me exactly which one should I change?

Search for “Jitsi Meet”, there are about 4 occurrences or so. You’ll be looking to change the one that’s under headerTitle or something like that.

@Freddie I changed/added this by using some css in body.html. Do you think this is a bad way?

.welcome .header .header-text-title::before {
    content: "XYZ - ";

That should be fine. I don’t see any conflicts.