How can I disable minimum height of video containers being set to 200px?


I’d like to know how to disable a recent update to Jitsi that makes the minimum height of video containers to be 200px. I want to make the minimum height of the videos smaller (e.g. 100px).

Background information:

We have Jitsi running on our self-hosted server using Docker.
We’ve customized the front end to fit our production needs.
Some changes we’ve made is to disable the following:

disableTileEnlargement: true
disableResponsiveTiles: true

We like having the video containers remain at a 16:9 ratio, instead of constantly changing ratios.


I recently updated the Jitsi version from stable-6865 to stable-7287, and I noticed that after this update, the minimum height of the video containers gets fixed to 200px. When even 7 people join the room, instead of the video containers becoming smaller to show all 7 people on my laptop screen, a scroll bar appears so I can’t see all 7 people and I have to scroll to see the seventh user.

This was not like this before. Even if 25 people would come in the room, it would show all 25 people in one screen, because it would make each video container small enough to be able to show all 25 people. But now, with the minimum height being fixed to 200px, it is not showing everyone and the scroll appears and it is not a good user experience.

After reading the post below, I realized that others had the same problem, and that it may have been solved in the latest stable release.

So we tried updating our Jitsi version to stable-7349-2, but see that it’s still there.


How can I disable the minimum height being set to 200px for the video containers?
I don’t mean the resolution of the videos. I mean the actual size of the video containers in the front-end. I want to make the minimum height smaller, so that the browser can show all 25 people in one view like it did before.

Any help is very much appreciated.

In the filmstrip they are 120 IIRC: FILM_STRIP_MAX_HEIGHT: 120, or do you mean in tile view?

thanks for the quick response. I mean tile view, not film strip.

Got it. That value is currently not changeable, sorry.

I see. Thanks for the clear answer. I do hope that it may be added in the future.
Please remember to leave me a note on this post if that options gets added.
Thank you, @saghul