How can I disable Lobby after toggleLobbby?

I have enabled the lobby by using the IFrame API.
I noticed this was working fine.

when moderator exits ,
executeCommand(‘toggleLobby’,false); was executed. Still the lobby is running.
Is it impossible to lobby off for the next entrant in a room once the lobby is turned on?

Once lobby is turned on, it stays on for the duration of the meeting unless it’s explicitly turned off or until the last person leaves and the meeting is destroyed.

Thank you for your answer.
When using lobby mode, if there is no moderator in the room after the moderator exits, re-entry is not possible. What should I do when re-entering the room again?

This is a known issue. Best workaround for now is for the moderator to always set a password (doesn’t need to be shared with others), so should there be a need to re-enter, they can use the password, since no one else would be able to let them in.