How can I disable "Install Chrome Extension" pop-up

It defaults to opening up for everyone, and it’s very confusing to first-time users. Is it possible to disable this? I’m embedding the meeting room into a browser page, if that provides any good options.


Overwrite: interfaceConfig.SHOW_CHROME_EXTENSION_BANNER=false.

Imm facing same issue.
How exactly should it be done? Which file should i edit?

If you’re embedding the meeting (iFrame), then this:

If you host your own server, in your interface_config.js, set this:


Yes, it is my own server. But it seems no longer valid. Chrome is showing the pop up.

works for me. Did not try in in the API, only by switching true or false in interface_config.js

Thanks! Which version related code are you running? Maybe my code is outdated.

2.0.6471-1 (that is, latest unstable at the moment)