How can i disable all participants cameras during the meeting

i am using iframe api and i want to pass a setting to cofigOverWrite object to disable all participants cameras

Is your intent to have the client not see anyone else’s video, or to not allow others to enable their video?

If the former, you can start a meeting with no video using startAudioOnly. With this setting, no video will be sent or received by the client.

If the latter, you can use muteEveryone to mute everyone’s video, and toggleModeration to enable AV moderation so only approved users can enable video. N.B. this can only be called from a client that is a moderator, and AV moderation does not restrict other moderators from enabling video.

can you explain more what do you mean by "no video will be sent or received by the client.

" ?
and sec question about muteEveryone …can i set this settings before starting the meeting (i mean can i disable participants cameras by a setting passed to configOverwrite not by the button in meeting itself ?

It means that when you add startAudioOnly to the configOverrides, then the client will join as an audio-only call. The user will not see anyone’s video or screenshare, and the user will not be able to enable video or share screen.

This is not something that can be enabled in configOverride. These are IFrame API commands that you can programmatically call to automate some actions. And it will be have behave as thought the use clicked the respective buttons in the UI.

startAudioOnly cant be applied on role of moderator i mean even if moderator have startAudioOnly : true , he can share camera and participants can see his cam ?right ?

No, startAudioOnly means audio only. No video at all. The user cannot see anyone’s video, and cannot share their video.

And it should not matter if user is moderator or not.

ok i got it and it works
last question , can i remove the button of camera by passing a setting in configOverwrite ??

You can customise what buttons are visible using this config option: