How can I connect to other Jitsi servers with my PC?

8x8 is hosting the default servers, and through you can connect to these.

But how can I connect to other Jitsi servers with my PC?

What do you exactly mean?

I thought my question was pretty clear. I will try to make it clearer.

8x8 has computers that run the Jitsi-server-software. 8x8 also provides us with three different clients: Jitsi-browser-client, Jitsi-android-app-client and Jitsi-ios-app-client.

When I use the browser-client to create a meeting, this browser-client must use the default Jitsi-servers that 8x8 provides.

Now there are ways to run Jitsi-server-software on your own (or rented) computers. This means that there are third party Jitsi-servers running out there.

How can I connect to these third party Jitsi-servers and use those servers to run my meetings, instead of using 8x8’s servers?

Where can I download a Jitsi-PC-client so that I can choose which Jitsi-servers I want to use?

Does this clarify my question?

Wit browser use the link of your deployment. You can download and use it on your desktop, there is a setting to set a server address. Mobile apps (Jitsi Meet) also there is a setting about the server or just paste the whole link with https as room name.

Instead of putting in, put in the URL of the server to which you want to connect.

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