How can I communicate to Jitsi frontend from prosody?

Hello there,

We had a requirement to enable auto recording when a moderator joins a meeting.
We added a custom prosody plugin in the code to achieve this functionality.
(Thanks to prosody-plugins/mod_jibri_autostart.lua at main · jitsi-contrib/prosody-plugins · GitHub )

Since, not every meeting has to be auto recorded, we have put a check by hitting an API to check if autoRecording needs to be enabled or not.

If there is a failure at this point, we want to notify somehow from the prosody plugin to the client. So, we can show a notification similar to when a recording fails to start.

So, How can I communicate from prosody to front end?

Thank you.

You could send a JSON message like the breakout rooms or lobby do. Take a look at those 2 features.

Hi @saghul ,

Which XMPP message does jicofo/jibri send to frontend when it fails to start the recording?

Not sure TBH. @damencho ?

Jicofo’s presence, I think.