How can I add extra jvb in docker meet

@damencho @saghul @Daniel_Morales,

If I add a second video bridge on a completely different or on the same machine, can I accommodate ~150 users in every single meeting that takes place ?

Is adding more jvb’s the ultimate solution to accomodating more users (above the existing capacity. i.e 60 ) ?

Maybe you must update docker-compose binary on your machine.


Problem solved when I update the docker-compose binary. Thanks for your reply.

One more question, do you have experience for enabling octo on the same machine? I already have succeeded to implement in docker environment but with different machine and now i’m struggling to implement octo in the same machine.

Any advice would be appreciated.



One more question please, how do you test that the configuration above are working well? I’ve seen the videobridge is connected to the main server, but I don’t see the traffic goes to 2nd jvb.

I’m checking the statistic of both video bridge using colibri.