How can i active lock meeting room feature?

Hi team,
i need active lock meeting room feature, when i dont want anymore person join to my meeting.
Pls tell me how active it in jitsi meet.


When you enter a room there is a ‘i’ button in the bottom right corner, where you have ‘add password’ this will add a password to the current conference.
All room/conferences are destroyed once the last person leaves, so the set password will exist till everybody leaves.

Dear sir,
You are saying that all room/conferences are destroyed after the last person leaves the room. But, i can join the previous room for several times and that time i remain the only one person in that room and i also can invite people and reset the password.

So, i want to say that, in my respective app, the rooms aren’t destroyed after the meeting ends. How can i get it and is it possible not to enter previous room for secong time?

The first to join creates the room, the last to leave destroys it.
Simple test you can do enter a meeting, send a message. Join from another tab and you will see the message. No leave with both participants and join again and you will no longer see the message, as everything associated with the meeting you left was destroyed.

Thank you very much for your co-operation. If I feel any difficulties later, hope you’ll be there.

I dont see the “i” button so is there any tutoriels i can see?

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Although the interface has changed (and new features have been introduced), this guide still gives a good overview:

To access and set a password in the latest version, click on the ellipsis on the toolbar and then select “Security options”: