How can build a android app jitsi meet?

I want to build android app from jitsi meet.
Pls tell me, How can i get adroid app source code and how to rebuild it?
I built jitsi meet server and run smooth with chrome browser. And now i need build android app version.


The source code is here:

npm install
cd android
./gradlew release
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I tried the same, but I’m seeing the attached error. Did the task name change? Thanks in advance!

./android/scripts/ /tmp/repo

Thanks @Vagretyao, one thing to note is that when I do “npm install”, I see 2 “unmet peer dependencies for react@16.8.3 and react-dom@16.8.3”. I installed these 2 versions separately. After running the script you suggested, I’m now getting the following error…I have tried the suggestions in the error (2 and 4).

I’m actually not even trying to make any changes, I just want to be able to build the APK from the project. I got through the Gradle build issues and just did a “Build APK”. The process seems to freeze at the “Execute Exec” phase. Not sure what the issues might be…

Nothing is changed by default, and ‘npm install’ is ok after you download the code, mostly for network reasons.

Finally got it to work after doing a fresh checkout. Thanks for the help!