How can access to admin and user id

In which file the admin and user ID can be accessed in the source code of JitsiMeet

no password is in the source code. The passwords are generated by the server admins (for secure domain for example, the admins are using ‘prosodyctl’, the prosody administration tool).

thank you for reply
but, I mean in any of the Jitsi files, I can find the ID of the admin

there is no such thing. There is no admin functionality in Jitsi-meet. It’s managed by the server admin, a Linux user that has admin rights on the computer hosting Jitsi-meet.

I’m using Jitsi meet as plugin inside Moodle

sorry but you are asking in the wrong place. If there is an admin module in Moodle, the password is managed there, not in Jitsi-meet.

ok, thank you for replay