How can a participant receives video track from another specific participants?

Hi, we are using lib-jitsi-meet with a self-hosted server.
jitsi-meet: 2.0.5390-2
jitsi-videobridge2: 2.1-416-g2f43d1b4-1.

In case a meeting with 10 participants,
Participant A likes to view Participant C and D.
Participant B likes to view Participant E and H.

We had tried on selectParticipant, selectParticipants and setLastN.
setLastN works only for last N, it’s no help on start from which participant in channel list.

How can we achieve this for save bandwidth?


This post may be helpful

Sorry, I’m not quite understanding.
Those hacks seems are client side only

  • “Reorder video tiles”
  • “VIP”

From our understanding, a client should notify videobridge for whether receiving video track from specific participants only.