How BOSH works with Jigasi?



Hi Everyone,

Can someone explain how Bosh work with Jigasi ?

Or you can use bosh for the connection establishment by specifing the URL to use.


Does it work with domain only ? or I have to add port number as well ?
Can I use to bosh requests using Room Header sent from SIP server ?
Does it require TLS ?



You can leave the bosh url pattern as the shown example: https://{host}/http-bind?room={roomName}.
The {host} part will be replaced with the appropriate domain.
You need to add the sip account property “DOMAIN_BASE” with the domain you use. If you are connecting jigasi as a component, you don’t need to configure anything, but of you are using a muc room for controlling jigasis you need to add the same account property “DOMAIN_BASE” with the domain for the xmpp account.
This is done so we can use on jigasi for several deployments. There is also the option to use one sip account for multiple deployments, and pass the domain base using the sip header “JITSI_MEET_DOMAIN_BASE_HEADER_NAME”.

Whenever jigasi tries to join, it will replace {host} with the domain and will join using that bosh URL.

If you have a custom port add it in the template.


Bosh is using https to connect.