How are the classnames for Tile View generated?

We are building an application using the Jitsi (version 6865)

How are the class names of the div of video tiles generated?
For example the class name “jss51”

<div class="jss51 active-speaker-indicator"></div>

We have observed some inconsistencies in our application, for some users when they are joining the room. The have the class “jss51” and some have “jss19”

For user #1

<div class="jss19 active-speaker-indicator"></div>

For user #2

<div class="jss51 active-speaker-indicator"></div>

Can some please explain why the class name is generated differently?

More Details:

  1. Device: Macbook, Browser: Chrome
  2. For almost all users we are getting class name “jss19”
  3. There is only on user for which the class name is “jss51”
  4. If we use a different window (guest user/ incognito) then we get “jss19”

We are changing the style of the components using CSS. For that we are applying the CSS style to .jss19 class. But we keep getting jss51 for some particular user. What could be the reason for this difference? and how we can fix it so that all the users have the same class name?

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If you want to make css changes you need to do it in css
Those CSS classes are coming from atlaskit I think and those can change when a new version gets updated.

Thank you for sharing, We recently upgraded to a newer version of Jisti. (It’s good)

Question, the issue we are having with two users having different classes could be due to some users having cache of older version on their system?

I don’t think so there is just one CSS file loaded and CSS is local nothing of it is sent over the network