Hostname mentioned in scalable Jitsi setup documentation is not matching with Debian/Ubuntu and manual installation

Hostnames mentioned in the the document to configure scalable setup are confusing!.
In Single host handbook (devops-guide-quickstart) Hostname referred is

In Manual installation guide (devops-guide-manual) Hostname referred is

In Scalable installtion guide (devops-guide-scalable) Hostname referred is

Am I correct?

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I haven’t done the comparisons in those guides but that’s probably because I don’t see a need to. Each one merely gives a shell tld to tell you that’s where you provide your domain/subdomain. So, if one guide says and another guide says 567.def.kyx, it doesn’t really matter - they’re just references to you to know where you substitute your own values. They’re definitely not incorrect hostnames.

I Agree @Freddie,Its not incorrect but confusing because scalable guide ask to follow steps from Manual and Manual tells to look into standalone setup. For beginners and those who doing it for the first time it was quite tedius to follow copy paste procedure for initial setup. However please have a look and would be better if maintain common names.

Well, it’s really not expected that beginners will start out with scalable architecture or a manual installation. There’s an expectation of some baseline understanding of fundamental concepts to delve into the developer end of the architecture. I honestly don’t see what you’re pointing out as an issue. There’s a difference between a user guide and a technical guide and a difference between an introduction to a concept and an advanced setup. I don’t think it’s time-efficient to focus on dotting i’s and crossing t’s for something that’s so fundamental.

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