Hostname and jitsi

I tried once (quick-install) but I did something wrong around hostname.
I have dns=, did set a CName Record meet so I can ping Hostname is roma.
Do I have to change hostname to before installing jitsi [having
the server prompt when ssh] to have it working ?
Or may I leave hostname=roma and then correct the
jitsi configurations file after installation ?
Or none of the above?
I am a little been confused about jitsi and the hostname of the server.

Hostname of the server should not matter.

During installation when it ask for domain name on the colored screen, enter

Now it works, tested. But I had to change hostname.
while I left unchanged the host name the browser could not connect to (but I could ping it). Then I tried to change the hostname:
hostnamectl set-hostname
then I modified /etc/hosts and finally I got the Jitsi Server working.
I do not knows if it is a joke (first time in forum and terrible english) but it is ok, I learned a lot.
I kept a log of installation with italian explications from the start (ssh, firewall, apache2).
Shoud I post it ?