Host moderation rights issues

The Jitsi Meet platform is very nice platform to have a conferencing or meetings! Everything work perfect but I’m really disappointed with the Host moderation rights authority.
Jitsi doesn’t considers a specific host and the one who joins first has moderation rights, which actually created problems in many of the sectors especially like Education.
The students who join first can easily kick or mute the Host “Teacher” and the tools are abused. Also once muted can’t be unmuted back.
I think, If Jitsi creates a new field for a meeting where its possible to mention the specific host it would be excellent breakout for the conference utility. The host will only have rights to Kick, Mute, Unmute participants no matter if he joins first or later but he will only have those moderation rights, then it will be very useful.
Please write me down our views on this. I’m struggling because of this missing features.
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Search for JWT

The Jitsi meet platform is a free service where registration is not required. That’s part of its definition. So you can’t have any advanced rights management here because it would need … registration.
You can use your own server and manage rights (it’s possible to use JWT as suggested) but you will need management skills yourself or use a for pay solution where the contractant has management rights (8x8 the Jitsi sponsor is providing such services)

Hello Emrah.
It will be very helpful if you can elaborate a little bit more. I’m not that expert but want to know if its possible to provide that rights to host to control participants.

Do you use or your own Jitsi server?

I am running jitsi on their official server only. I have not installed on my own server

Sorry @Raghvendra_Verma,

I misunderstood your message. JWT is only available if you have a self-hosted Jitsi server. Not usable for the public Jitsi server.

I didn’t put a self server because we are offering this service to students at almost no costing.
I am not sure that a server can handle how many students for video conferencing.