Host jitsi from my existing website

I want to locally host jitsi meeting from my existing web site. I want a link on my homepage that takes the user to a meeting room (to set up or join). I have an existing web page on apache2 on ubuntu 20. I installed jitsi and it pretty much ignored my existing apache2 installation other than deleting my domain.conf file on apache2. (which I restored). Now how can I link a user to jitsi?

I am new to unix. Please be patient

I finally got my apache2 virtual servers configured and attempted to start a meeting and got a number of jsp errors. I fixed a number of them by implementing includes in apache2. Still encountering errors I decided to uninstall and reinstall now that understood how to configure SSL. Now the install dies Setting up jitsi-meet-prosody with the given host name does not exist in the config followed by a line that says
modulemanager error unable to load module 'rooster_command" : /usr/lib/prosody/modules/mod_rooster_command.lua: No such file or directory

Nothing on google seems to relate. Any help would be appreciated

That is strange cause the module is mod_roster… Not mod_rooster

I’m guessing that your main prosody config misses the include for conf.d

If you add it, the configure will pass.

You seem to always be the man with the answers in the questions I have browsed. Thank you for looking into my problem. I assume that I can retrieve the missing piece from but where do I put it and how do I restart?

Check do you have Include "conf.d/*.cfg.lua" in /etc/prosody/prosody.cfg.lua.
If you don’t have it, add it at the bottom of the file and do service prosody restart.

the last line in the file is already
Include “conf.d/*.cfg.lua”

does this explain anything?

on closer inspection it is exactly:
Include “conf.d/*.cfg.lua”

I did the restart and the status shows that it is enabled. Do I need to do something to restart the install?

I tried to access the server and got a 404 on HopefulDismissalsRescueOvernight from document root

Try installing jitsi-meet again

do I need to uninstall again or just install on top of what is there?

try just install first

returned Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

dependency problems prevent configuration of jitsi-meet:
jitsi-meet depends on jitsi-meet-prosody (= 1.0.4985-1); however:
Package jitsi-meet-prosody is not configured yet.

This was also in the output. How do I configure jitsi-meet-prosody?

Try uninstalling as described in the quick install guide and try again …

You should be able to access

You have a problem with your nginx config.

I am using apache2 not nginx. I did a nginx for the acme ssl stuff because the guys at told me it was compatible with apache2 and made a cleaner install.

Your apache config should look like this: jitsi-meet/jitsi-meet.example-apache at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub
The current one shows 404 for any room.

You are very talented and extremely patient and helpful. I do hope you feel as appreciated as you are!

I am making progress. I had two more mods to put into apache2 but now I have the correct virtual host defined (I think). It matches the example you pointed me to. The number of errors has dropped to two in the html/js but the page is still blank. I keep wondering how and where I define users and conferences or maybe it is all dynamic so I will be patient.
The two html/js errors

Uncaught ReferenceError: interfaceConfig is not defined langaaugeDectector.web.js:24

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘APP’ of undefined
at HTMLDocument. ( (index): 25

Once again the address is if you want to look at it directly.