Host creates a room, logs in and need to reload

Hi community,

I have a question because the behavior is weird

When we use our jitsi to create a meeting room, the system asks us to log in, which is correct. We login and then the system is stuck (see this image, this is how the screen remains)

But, if I reload the chat room, we are the host, as expected

The weird thing is this: Why do we need to reload the chat room instead to let it flow smoothly? What could be wrong?

Any idea or suggestion would be of great help

Thank you in advance

Do you see an error in the js console? Which version of jitsi-meet is that?

Hi @damencho

Well, I ran this command and it prompted this info
dpkg -l | grep jitsi

jitsi-meet: 2.0.5765-1
jitsi-meet-prosody: 1.0.4900-1
jitsi-meet-turnserver: 1.0.4900-1
jitsi-meet-web: 1.0.4900-1
jitsi-meet-web-config: 1.0.4900-1
jitsi-videobridge2: 2.1-478-gc6da57bd-1

I found that in the console of the browser, if I’m already logged in, there are these messages

[JitsiMeetJS.js] <Object.getGlobalOnErrorHandler>: UnhandledError: The play() request was interrupted by a call to pause(). Script: null Line: null Column: null StackTrace: undefined

Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: The play() request was interrupted by a call to pause().

If I try to start without the session opened already, there aren’t messages in the browser. When I create the room then the screen shows me the log in form, I fill it and meanwhile I do it, this message repeates over and over until I click on the Login button

Logger.js:154 2021-06-08T19:11:07.956Z [conference.js] <ne._onConferenceFailed>: CONFERENCE FAILED: conference.authenticationRequired

But the screen stays with message

Obtaining session-id…

And the messages stop

Try the latest stable that was fixed there 2.0.5870.

OK, tomorrow in my mexican time I will update it and test it. Right now my team is using it, so I think today I won’t be able to do it; but I’ll keep you updated

Thank you


My team and myself have tested the new version and the bug is gone. Thank you for your help