Host config for jitsi in k8s cluster - conflicting information found

I am trying to understand the host configuration required to run jitisi in kubernetes on an openstack cluster.
Due to the majority of local installations the right answer is probably hidden behind lots of localhosts…

I found some repos which dont seem to work properly. Or I have not found the right info for correct configuration. (cannot use localhost ever)

I have a dns entry pointing to jitsi-web container and that works.
But I cannot start a session which seems to be caused by a failure in the xmpp config.

So the following questions:

  1. In the chrome log I find
    strophe.umd.js:5463 WebSocket connection This is abviously wrong but this implies that I should expose the XMPP server via DNS?to ‘wss://localhost:8443/xmpp-websocket?room=xxx’ failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
    My search for websocket did not expose anything relevant.
    This is obviously wrong but it also implies that I should expose the XMPP server via DNS?
    The architecure docs I found did not mention the websocket.
    Where could the config be hidden for this?

  2. Is XMPP_(AUTH|MUC)_DOMAIN a real domain or just a logical name? … The answers I found were inconsistent. i think now is a logical domainname. but XMPP_SERVER is a realhost

  3. I configured XMPP_SERVER to my prodigy service in the k8s cluster. that seems to work

Any pointers to the right places is greatly appreciated.