Host another website on the same Nginx with Jitsi

I face various problems trying to set up another HTTPS site on the same Nginx.
The (letsencrypt) certificate of Jitsi domain is always served by Nginx instead of the new site certificate (also letsencrypt), whatever I do.

Is there any secret to it?

it’s not a very appealing proposition given that the jitsi certificate script is only calling a tool (certbot) that is integrating tightly into nginx by patching the textual Nginx config files, a process that is usually succeeding but also prone to failures when these files are edited manually, because text files are not really meant to be managed automatically.
Given that what the script does is to work around this madness by upping up the ante and creating more madness, that is, editing itself nginx/apache files to setup certificates for jitsi AND turnserver and calling certbot to only manage certificates, it’s difficult to see an easy way to sanity. If you absolutely want to do it this way, I’d adwise to study how the jitsi script is working and to emulate it to add the necessary stuff to nginx files yourself and calling certbot-auto in the same way that jitsi script is doing.
Be aware that this stuff is going to change anyway since certbot-auto is going the way of the dodo this year.

Good luck with that.

At the moment I’m using my own nginx stuff with certbot-auto (managed more or less manually) on my host and the nginx host calls into the jitsi container to proxy the jitsi nginx (I’ve zapped the TLS stuff out of jitsi nginx and removed turnserver).
That’s less than optimal but I prefer to first understand well video server problems without side problems.

Wow. Looks like my attempt to save $5/month on another VPS is doomed)

Anyway, in the process of trying I’ve learned about a handy script,

Looks like it is simpler to handle than certbot