Hooks on participant change (meet.jit.si)

Is it possible to set up some kind of hook so that when someone joins meet.jit.si/DimSumLabs, a message is sent to #dimsumlabs on Freenode IRC?

Otherwise, I guess we have to set up our own instance.

This cannot be done on meet.jit.si, but can be achieved with a custom module or when you use Jaas

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Thanks! I actually set up a server, but getting it onto the Internet is another challenge. Port 80 on our only IP4 IP is already occupied with our door.

Jaas sounds interesting, but when I click the sign up link, it just hangs, same as yesterday. Here is what Chrome on Windows 10 displays in the console:

As I just found out, in Firefox the page works, and I created an account. However, as expected, for selecting a plan a credit card is needed. Our hacker space doesn’t even have a bank account. :laughing: So I guess we need to go for a self hosted solution and write a custom module for that.

Update: By using the IFrame API it is possible to create hooks on participant change! To see how it can be done, see our new repo dsl-meet on GitHub.