Hook for private messages

What is hook for private messages?
I tried to log, it can log for groupchats but not for private messages:
module:hook(“message/bare”, function(event)
local stanza = event.stanza;
module:log(‘info’, 'stenga name: '…stanza.name);
module:log(‘info’, 'stenga attr type: '…tostring(stanza.attr.type));

I am able to capture private messages with following code, however anyone can guide me how to get nickname? private message does not have nickname it only has from and to ids…
ideal will be get nickname using: stanza.attr.from

module:hook(“message/full”, function(event)
local stanza = event.stanza;
if (stanza.name == “message” and tostring(stanza.attr.type) == “chat” ) then
if (stanza:get_child(“body”)) ~= nil then

module:log(‘info’, 'Private Message and Sender: ’ … stanza:get_child(“body”):get_text()… stanza.attr.from);