Hiring for configuration

We are running a fairly large Wordpress/Buddypress installation at Digital Ocean. I have installed the new Buddymeet app ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/buddymeet/ ) but it does not work on our installation - there isn’t even a blank box where the Jitsi embed is supposed to appear. I have looked through the code at length, and the Javascript that renders the embed is printing to the page; but no dice.

We are using the Buddyboss fork of Buddypress ( https://www.buddyboss.com/ ), and I am starting to wonder if this is somehow affecting this plugin - although we have never had any plugin compatibility problems before this…Ultimately we will link the plugin to our own Jitsi server; but to get this up and running, connecting to the public Jitsi server is fine for now.

We would like to pay someone to have a crack at figuring out what’s wrong. If you’re interested and have some knowledge of this plugin, please contact me at jtp@thehorn.network with cost estimates. Our thanks in advance –

James Touchi-Peters
Chief Creative Officer
The Horn Company LLC
Minneapolis MN USA