HIPPA Business associate agreement?

Is Jitsi Meet a HIPAA-compliant video platform for providing services via telehealth? As part of that requirement, Covered Entities were required to obtain a Business Associate Agreement with the video platform company.
If Jitsi is HIPPA compliant I need a copy of that business associate agreement to have on file. How can I obtain a copy of this?

You can setup your own instance I think that would suffice.

As I understand it, the licensure board and insurance boards require the video platform provide assurance it is HIPPA compliant and also provide the Business Associate Agreement. My responsibility is to provide a secure server.
Am I missing something?

As far as I understand, there are HIPAA requirements that need to be met in order to get a compliance certificate. Some of these requirements are not available in the stock Jitsi Meet software, like for example user data backup, access control, automatic log-off, etc.

That being said, Jitsi Meet has all the core features (data encryption, privacy, authorization, etc.) that are needed to develop a custom website that can be HIPAA certified. So it’s not a turnkey ready-made telehealth platform, it’s a secure webconferencing software, that can be customized and developed to become a telehealth portal which you can then certify.