Highly scalable Jitsi-Meet (with jibri) on Kubernetes

Hello everyone, last summer I created a scalable jitsi deployment on a kubernetes cluster to be used in a business. We are actively using this system now. The main logic is as follows; I wrote an automation tool called re Orchestartor. This tool creates and deploys a new deployment file using empty ports for each session. I am using it with FQDN:emptyPort to be accessed via jitsi api. I save this port to the mysql database with the unique name of the session. I save the video recordings that will occur in the session to the database with this unique id.

With this method, it is not possible to use jitsi from its own interface with a single FQDN, an interface is required to manage these session ids. At my job, I was matching the id of the course and the port of the deployment through the moodle (open source education platform) interface.

The process is a bit complex for the end user, I don’t think the end user will need such a thing anyway. I wanted to share this idea with you. You can find the source code on my github. If you have a question, I can answer it.

Github link:

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