Higher Video Bitrate


I’d like to know if there’s anyway to modify the bitrate of the video stream. I’m a film editor and I could use Jitsi to remote-edit. I can share my NLE video output into Jitsi and the director can see the image at same time.
I already modify the config.js file to use 1080p, but couldn’t find a way to use higher bitrate. Something like 5-8Mbps would be much better.
I noticed on the apprtc website that it should be possible to do that:

|arbr=[bitrate]|Set audio receive bitrate, kbps|
|asbr=[bitrate]|Set audio send bitrate|
|vrbr=[bitrate]|Set video receive bitrate|
|vsbr=[bitrate]|Set video send bitrate|

But I’m not sure if it’s possible to make it work in Jitsi.
Thanks by advance for any help.

Did you check chrome://webrtc-internals/ on chrome?
Video Constraints part…

Did you edit “constraints: { video: {…}}” block in the config file?