High server load + Lots of system resources available

Hello @damencho, @bbaldino and all others.
I’m looking for where the problem might be. We have enough system resources and yet we have a high load. If the load is higher than 4.9, the audio and video will start fails. This is the default installation of jitsi - unmodified on Debian 9.12.

Every participant has their cameras on. We have an average of 8 conferences, with a maximum of 20 participants. Low data flow is due to verry reduced resolution / video quality.

Can I ask for advice on how to reduce the server load ? We have enough system resources and I don’t think it is necessary to install a second video-bridge2.

resolution: 360,
	maxFps: 15,

constraints: {
     video: {
	    aspectRatio: 16/9,
	    frameRate: {
		  max: 15
         height: {
             ideal: 360,
             max: 360,
             min: 140

disableSimulcast: false,

Installed packages

Installed Java

Cpu usage

System load

Network traffic

Memory usage

Petr Kallen

Hum, it looks to me strange where CPU is 20% and load is above 4 …
Do you see which process is eating the CPU?

It’s Java process

@damencho Thanks for every idea what I could try. @migo has similar problems, but he has a larger installation than me.

I agree with damyan that low CPU but high load is strange, I don’t think that’s a behavior we’ve seen. Maybe lots of threads are getting held up blocking somewhere? You could do a YourKit trace or something and see what the threads are doing.

@bbaldino Please can you help or navigate me how ? Alternatively, can you send me your ssh key ? I can give you ssh access to the server…

This is from today morning.

Any idea ?


Looks pretty well. Load is 0.7 out of 24. And cpu for the whole machine is 6%.

why the java JVB is consuming 147% ?

because it’s actually doing work.

1.6 core (1.47 + the few remaining processes doing work) / 24 cores = 0.0666 == 6,66% cpu usage

For my clarification:
jvb uses several cores aka multithreading?

While I have never checked the ultimate reference - the source code - I think that looking at the htop output leaves no real doubt that the answer is yes.

Thx for your answer…