High quality with low frame rate video

I am working on a project to use Jitsi in classrooms for teaching at the same time to student in the classroom and at home. I am trying to record the whiteboard with high quality to be able to read it. The compression of the video and the video turning off due to bandwidth problems is pretty problematic. I am thinking about adding a “static” mode to broadcast video with low (2-3fps) frame rate but high quality and lossless compression. Do you think it would be doable and a good addition to Jitsi ?

Screen sharing already does 5fps by default if presenter is not turned on, I think.

Yes, I am looking for the same kind of option for the camera.

Have you tried setting the constraint in config.js?

Yeah, probably its possible to adjust it with config.js params passed through the url … Not sure …

There is an option in the videobridge but it is applied to the whole instance. In config.js there is only an option to choose desktop sharing frame rate not the camera.

resolution: 1080,
maxFps: 5,

constraints: {
	video: {
		aspectRatio: 16 / 9,
		frameRate: {
			max: 5
		height: {
			ideal: 1080,
			max: 1080
			min: 240
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Actually this will only prevent camera with higher frame rate to broadcast but will not convert a higher frame rate stream or ensure fewer loss.

Thanks @Freddie.

@djexvr you want to send with a lower frame rate, just enter the meeting and beforehand append to URL #config.constraints.video.frameRate.max=2 and you will be sending with a frame rate of 2. Isn’t this what you want?

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I tried adding the constraints to the url and to the config of an iFrame and neither seems to work. Do I need to modify the video framerate before passing it to Jitsi ?

I tested it in the browser and it works. In iframe APi you need to pass it through configOverwrite

Ok, it worked on safari (but not on firefox). Thank you very much @damencho and @Freddie for the help.