High power consumption on Android

Power consumption is very high on my phone running Android 7. It is so high that even when I keep the phone on the charger, it still drains the battery. In the graph you can see that the slope of discharging during a 6-person jitsi meeting is steeper than the slope of charging on a 2 A charger. If I did not have a spare battery, the meeting would be completely lost on me. I have heard one other person mention this issue before. Can it be fixed? Is this high power need inherent to video conferencing or related to jitsi specific code?

Have you tried going in low bandwidth mode? So you have audio only, that should make a difference. Yes, video encoding/decoding is expensive.

Thanks for your quick reply! I did find the option ‘Enable audio only mode’, and I may use it at some point. Are you a developer for jitsi? Would it be possible/desirable to have a low resolution video setting to save some CPU/electrons?

Changing that is (requesting low or high resolution) only possible through the web app. Currently mobile app defaults to sending 360p and receiving that, I think, but I don’t clearly remember the directions for which the limitation is implemented …