High CPU utilization on client end

OK, hopefully I got it right with the performance profile. Basically I had it running for 20 secs. During this time the CPU was at 100% all of the time (was not able to find that back in the performance profile). Please let me know if you need another view of the profile. Thanks a lot!

I have the same type of issues.
However I noticed that if I use Chrome and I set the view to tiles the CPU load is reduced significantly.
I also set disableAudioLevels: true in jitsi meet config, reduced max resolution to 480p and disabled p2p.
I tested this configuration also in meet.jit.si by joining with 3 pertecipants (to disable p2p) and the behavior is confirmed: CPU load seems ok.
In Firefox the problem still persists.
So this test makes me think that the problem is around the dominant speaker detection, but only a guess.

thank you all for your help.



The several spikes in your CPU usage originate from the “Recurrent neural network for audio noise reduction” audio processing filter that eliminate ringing during a multi party call.

You can experiment with disable some audio processing options in the config.js:

 // Disables all audio processing
 disableAP: true,
 // Disables Acoustic Echo Cancellation
 disableAEC: true,

 // Disables Automatic Gain Control
 disableAGC: true,

  // Disables Noise Suppression
 disableNS: true,

 // Disables Highpass Filter
 disableHPF: true,

Without the audio processing you will hear feedback loop noise from speakers to microphone. The feedback loop noise can be avoided if everyone are using headphones :headphones: .

Disable of all audio processing is also OK if you only have one speaker and everyone else listen with mic turned off.


Further i have disabled most extra indicators that cause GUI re-layouts thus reduce CPU load on the client browsers
set in the /usr/share/jitsi-meet/interface_config.js


I have also disabled the popup messages when someone enters the room:
also set in the /usr/share/jitsi-meet/interface_config.js


Thanks for the useful tips! Will try to find the time shortly to test the various options.

Can you explain what these 2 options do in the GUI? It’s not clear for me
Thanks :slight_smile:


This filmstrip option makes the miniature square icons on the right side start hidden. There is a small “<” symbol on the right to un-hide the miniature square icons of all participants if you want to see them.

This option disable the blue megaphone button :mega: at the top left corner of the current speaker

This option removes the moderator mark in the thumbnail


I noticed that 28% of CPU was consumed by the video background for one user, thus to reduce CPU usage edit the /usr/share/jitsi-meet/interface_config.js and set


I was able to test with the various settings. Only saw a noticeable decrease in CPU load when turning down the resolution to 240. CPU was then down from 100% to around 80% in a meeting with to participants. After number 3 joined the CPU went up to around 95%. With number 4 the audio started to run async with the video and the “can you here me? are you still there?” started.

On this particular PC, I give up.

Hello I have a 100% CPU usage on two decent PC I have at home. Jitsi is launched in Chrome by a remote school web app (https://www.weschool.com/). Everything therefore is inside Chrome and I have no idea on where to find the configuration file on the Win 10 OS folders.
Where should I look to disable the jitsi features that kill my CPUs?

Should I use links like the one cited above?
@xranby @voxter

Yes if weschool makes links to meet.jit.si then you need to change the link like above.

Same here, the CPU utilization is massive (and I did not have this issue weeks ago) - so there must have been a change on the Mac Chrome side or the Jitsi side.

Best way to describe what is causing the high CPU load on your machine is to record it using chrome and share the stored performance profile here.

In chrome do the following:
Right click -> inspect page -> Select “Performance” tab -> un-select screenshot, select memory -> press record circle -> stop record after 10 seconds -> press the "down arrow "save profile to disk icon -> upload the Profile-*.json file here
This file can be loaded and analyzed to see what keeps your CPU busy.

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Here you go: I just had a video call with one single person, both video on, both good network reception. In gallery view.

P.S. By the way, the idea with #config.disableAudioLevels=true did not make any difference.

I looked at your profile.

The summary looks OK, the page is mostly idle. According to this your CPU is 89% idle.
Skärmbild från 2020-04-27 18-34-09
9% of used CPU time is spent in calculateAudoFrameVAD.
Skärmbild från 2020-04-27 18-35-38
Thus from a first glance the profile you sent do not show any massive CPU use…

However the frames looks a bit odd… it looks like some frames take half a second to render! Normal frame time is 30ms (for 30fps)… not 577ms !!! Do the image stutter?

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Yes, video was stuttering as well. And the rest of the machine could not be used practically anymore (Quad-core Macbook Pro…)

Because i could not see any CPU related issue:
Can you try disable the hardware accelerated codec:

disableH264: true,

( found at 2 locations in /etc/jitsi/meet/*-config.js )


I can’t edit the config.js files as I’m using meet.jit.si service