High consumption of RAM memory

Good afternoon, I have noticed that when I start recording the consumption of the RAM memory is too high and therefore the recording stops. Does anyone know why this happens ?
My vps has 12Gb in RAM and 6 cores


It’s your CPU. vCPU is not the same as real CPU so the 6 cores in your VM is not quite sufficient. When your CPU is not powerful enough, ffmpeg starts eating up your RAM, hence the crash.

I understand this part, when configuring ffmpeg to 1080x720, the cpu consumption drops and the RAM becomes stable, however the recordings go wrong, only one part comes out, is there any other configuration to do?resolution

Si dejo esa configuración, mis grabaciones se ven así

You have to change the resolution in your xorg file as well and then restart all Jibri services.

But I remember you’ve asked these questions before and have gotten the same answers from other people. You’d do best to reference the suggestions given.

It’s a waste of people’s time to keep asking the same question over and over again, particularly when you’ve already been told what to do to get your desired result.

Entiendo, fué mi error. Muchas gracias !!