High bandwidth server

I just set up a jitsi server, I modified resolution to 1080p, I thought that I would be running into cpu issues and need to upgrade,problem that I ran in to is bandwidth. I maxed out the upload and download speed . Jitsi server on digitalocean.com support informed me the upload and download lime is set to 10mbps and upgrading my plan would not increase my upload download limit.
Is there any shared hosting that would provide a larger upload and download speed, or would I have to get my own dedicated server to fix my problem?

Are you sure that you really need Full HD 1080p resolution for a video conference?

If I could keep 1080p enabled that would be great, but I would not be apposed switch back to 720p if it means experience would improve. I teach martial arts and fitness classes. I want to provide the best experience possible and I am still looking to upgrade my server upload and download limit to increase audio and frame rate. Know of any servers that can provide more upload and download speed?