Hiding the Jitsi Meet iFrame without disconnecting the call


We are using the JitsiMeetExternalAPI to create a meeting in our Frontend application.

We bind the iFrame to an element in one of our views.

However, we would like the call to continue when the panel is no longer on the screen. e.g. the user has navigated to a different view in our application.

The problem is, when you move an iFrame in the DOM, the iFrame reloads. The effect this has with Jitsi, is the user is temporarily disconnected from the call, then re-added.

Therefore, we can’t move the iFrame to a different part of the DOM when the user is on different views. e.g. somewhere higher on the DOM.

Has anyone else had success trying to hide the iFrame, but continue the call. Or only showing the call on a particular view, and hiding it on other views?

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