Hiding new "Invite more people" button/area

We are so grateful for Jitsi, it’s the best thing we’ve ever used :slight_smile:

One strange thing happened over the last few days, possibly due to an update to the Meet API? We noticed that there’s a new button that pops up on hover over the interface (screenshot below) asking the person in the meeting to invite more people. We’d really like for this to be hidden, but can’t find anything in the config parameters list to do so. Any tips? Thanks!

Thank you sincerely!

If you use meet.jit.si, I don’t think it is possible. As you are posting under ‘install & config’, I presume you are using your own instance. In this case, css seems a possibility:

.invite-more-container {display:none}

I am using the public API, not my own instance unfortunately. Otherwise absolutely, your answer would do just fine. Thanks for the effort.

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I’m with the same problem please if you would be so kind to help with this it would be super thanks
I made with CSS not working

Update: this is fixed in current code since yesterday. It will eventually bubble in unstable (fast) and stable (less so). It will be easily usable for hosting, for public API on meet.jit.si I don’t know.

the command works, the “invite more people” button is hidden, but after this change the command SHOW_CHROME_EXTENSION_BANNER: false, no longer works,
the banner of the Crhome extension is displayed even if I have entered false

@gpatel-fr This change made it to meet.jit.si yesterday.

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Are you insane? Please, just leave.

No one from the Jitsi team has any obligation to respond to anyone. If you feel so strongly, fix the problem and make a pull request.