Hiding config.js

Hi all. After a Jitsi install on Ubuntu server, I’m seeing the file /etc/jitsi/meet/myserver-config.js publicly visible as https://myserver/config.js.

Is there any way to hide this?
Also, is there any way to disable connections via TCP port 80? I can’t seem to find a jetty configuration file.

Many thanks, Warren

This is the web app config, and it must be publicly accessible.

Is there a reason why the config file needs to be publicly visible? Normally, as a sysadmin I prefer to keep my config files not publicly visible, so that attackers know as little about the configuration of the system as possible.
However, if there’s a good reason for the config.js file to be visible, no problem.
Many thanks, Warren

This is a web app, so every code it uses is publicly accessible. To be able to connect to something it needs configuration… There is no sensitive data in the config, so there is no problem to have it publicly available.