Hide 'You are the only one in the meeting'; Button: Invite more people


I installed the latest unstable jitsi-meet build (23 May 2020). I see that there are many enhancements in the UI. One such enhancement is the message that comes up top-mid region that says ‘You are the only one in the meeting’ and a button. Can somebody tell me how do I hide this message and button?

In my implementation, I don’t need the moderator to invite anybody from the UI. This is taken care by a backend ERP. I was able to hide the ‘invite’ buttons in the toolbar by using the interface_config overrides. However, am not able to figure out how to hide the ‘new’ feature to invite.

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it’s already been proposed on the development site.

until then why don’t you use the stable build instead?

Can you provide a link ? I can’ t find this in the issue tracker (GitHub).

Not this one?

Thank you. Will wait for the update.

Any idea when is the next stable build made available?

Yes, thank you!

Ok. I think I figured something. Adding display:none to invite-more-container class in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/css/all.css hides the new invite box. This can be used as a workaround for now.

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please note that updating jitsi-meet will rewrites that css file and any change you have added to that file will be reset.

Yes! I am aware of that @KEYLETAL. I am writing my own installation doc to install jitsi afresh AND to upgrade to new jitsi. Am adding notes of all these little hacks.

Thanks a lot for calling it out, though!

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hi, how did you do it?

I want to know how to hide it too! Please!