Hide vertical tileview


suddenly the user tileview on the right appeared on the recordings and I dont know how to remove it. I would also be fine with completly removing it. I tried to hide it via CSS, no success. Also removing the buttons from the toolbar array didnt help.


Can you try the following


  async function disableFilmStrip(attempt) {
    try {
      attempt += 1;
      if (attempt > 3) return;

      // skip if I am not recorder
      const isRecorder = APP.store.getState()["features/base/config"].iAmRecorder;
      if (!isRecorder) return;

      APP.store.getState()["features/filmstrip"].visible = false;
    } catch (e) {
      setTimeout(function() {disableFilmStrip(attempt);}, 3000);

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I will give it a shot, thank you!

Unfortunately no success. I added that to the body.html, cleared the cache but its still there.

Edit: After rebooting Jibri its gone! It hides after starting the recording within 5 seconds.
Thank you!!!

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