Hide user bar on the right in jibri recordings


is it possible to hide the user bar on the right inside a recording?

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Enable follow me from settings and hide it, jibri will be following you.

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Could you explain where? Cant follow you

Found it, but will it hide the bar on the right?

I’m trying to figure out what bar you’re referring to. Are you talking about the participant pane? I don’t believe that gets captured in recordings…

Yes, the participant panel. Its weird, in my recordings it shows up. Is there a way to completly remove it? I dont mind if it is completly gone

Yeah, that’s weird - it shouldn’t show up in recordings.
You can remove it from your toolbar array in config.js so it can’t be activated.

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Is there a way to hide it through css?

I really need a way to hide it, its so annoying :smiley: