Hide shortcuts button from settings panel

Hello, my purpose is to hide the shortcuts. I’ve already deactivated them with disableShortcuts: true and hidden from the toolbar buttons; the problem is that in the settings menu there is always the ‘shortcuts’ button and i don’t know how to hide it.

These are the ones that can be disabled and the shortcuts are not present.
How can I do?

Welcome to the forum.

In your config.js, activate the toolbarbuttons array and select the buttons you want to be visible:

Hello thanks for the answer, I did that, in fact it is not present here.

The problem is in the settings panel which is still there.


Try this:

disableShortcuts: true,

Done, I wrote it in the first report

Unlike the other settings tabs, it looks like (for now) the inclusion of the shortcuts tab isn’t predicated by an if (...), so perhaps it isn’t current possible to remove that from settings using config alone?

The disableShortcuts: true option will set that checkbox to false but does not remove the option from settings.

BTW, what’s use case? Does it not suffice to disable shortcuts by default but give users the option to enable it from settings if they want to?