Hide "Share Your Screen" button

How do we hide the share your screen button?
I removed all of the TOOLBAR options and it’s still there.

{ buttonsLeft.indexOf(‘desktop’) !== -1
&& this._renderDesktopSharingButton() }
Search this line of code in you repo and comment it. Share button will be hidden.

What file?


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I see so this requires rebuilding the program :confused:
I’ve never tried. I’ll give it a go

In case I mess this up. Is there any docs on building jitsi and using in your server? I know react not linux well.

You don’t have to build it, it will reload instantly. I have installed it locally with my own server.

Oh I installed jitsi-meet using ubuntu.
If you have it running on local do you know how you plan to get it working on server?

Actually that might be a whole new topic

Looks good.

So your file structure must be different than mine(below). I can see the package json looks like the react folder on the jitsi-meet github but there’s no build script. I would love to simply build and dump my code.

yeah true

Thanks for the help.

Do you know how to build using the Makefile on Windows? It seems many users have the same issue and admins dont seem to care :confused:

Sorry, I am running it on Ubuntu 16