"Hide Self View" when Screensharing to avoid loop

Would it be possible to prompt a user to Enable “Hide Self View” when starting a screenshare or to enable the hide self automatically when someone starts a desktop screenshare? The issue is we have a lot of users that create visual loops when sharing and no amount of training is going to prevent it. When using Zoom or Teams, the application shrinks and the video is disabled to prevent the “loop” effect.

If you disable the self-view, there is no way to check what you are sharing which is a privacy issue, we don’t have plans to change this.

@damencho Could we just prompt them to disable before sharing with a disclaimer? Its not automatic then but creates a better user experience.

There is no such feature and no plans to add one … I need to ask product whether we would want to merge a PR with such a feature disabled by default that can be turned on through config.
If you don’t hear from me, you can join the community call next Monday and ask yourself :slight_smile:

I’ll put it on my calendar! Thanks @damencho !