Hide public frontend and

Hi everyone. I’m sorry if the subject is already covered but I’m quite lost with all the informations.

I installed jitsi-meet server on my desktop linux to try it, everything went fine but I failed to understand how I could hide all the public interface so only my own broker could create meetings and dispatch my users to the rooms they belongs.

What I try to achieve : a user logs into my app, browse a list of users, select 1 he is interested into and and request a meeting, if the other agrees it launches jitsi-meet js client.

So far it works but when someones goes to my https://hostname, everyones can comes and create a room. Is it possible to prevent that ?


Yes, authentication:

Thanks for your answer, I saw this solution but I
kinda dismissed it since I dont want jitsi to serve http content al all. Dont know yet if it is possible to use jitsi as a webrtc endpoint only for thé jitsi client.

Sorry my first message wasn’t clear enough.