Hide (or move) "XYZ joined the meeting" pop-up messages

Is it possible to hide the “XYZ joined the meeting” toast messages that pop-up in the bottom-left of the screen when someone joins a jitsi meet room?

The problem: we have calls with 50+ people all joining at once. Unfortunately, these toast messages cover-up the mute button, so nobody can click (and, more importantly, nobody can see) the “mute” button because there’s an endless stream of toast messages that pop-up on-top of the mute button.

Fellow Jitser joined the meeting

I foresee a couple solutions to this:

  1. Don’t show the message at all
  2. Move the toast messages from the bottom-left to the top-left

Is it possible to prevent these messages from appearing or move them?

If you host your own server, you can set the following property to “true” in interface_config.js


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Does that also work in config.js? Because it looks like interface_config.js has been deprecated?

 * !!!IMPORTANT!!!
 * This file is considered deprecated. All options will eventually be moved to
 * config.js, and no new options should be added here.

It hasn’t been fully deprecated - some options have not yet been moved to config.js. So, set it in interface_config.

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