Hide option to enable end-to-end encryption

How do I hide the option to enable the end-to-end encryption? I want it disabled permanently so users can switch it. I have had issues that someone turned on end-to-end encryption in a meeting and rest of the participants had an unpleasant experience due to garbled noise.

I know that I can hide the security button from the toolbar, but hiding this also takes away option to add a password to a meeting. I’m looking for a way to hide end-to-end encryption toggle only.

In your config.js:

testing: {
        // Disables the End to End Encryption feature. Useful for debugging
        // issues related to insertable streams.
        disableE2EE: true,
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Hi @Freddie,

This setting disables the e2e feature, but doesn’t hide e2e encryption toggle.

Is there any additional settings to hide e2e toggle?


It should, unless something has changed.